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Bamboo veneer products

Color: Natural & Carbonized
Construction: Horizontal grain & Vertical grain                                                 
Thickness: 0.3mm - 1mm
Length: 2500mm
Width: 430mm or 1250mm


Tang bamboo veneer normally will be assembled / joined to wider sheets and pressed on panels( like chipboard, multiplex or MDF). It can be used for cabinetry, furniture construction, interior paneling, counter tops, and any other interior use where wood products have traditionally been used.

Bamboo Specie

Phyllostachys Pubescens (common name:Moso Bamboo) harvested at maturity at 5-8 years for maximum stability and hardness



 Innovative and Natural beautiful

Tang bamboo veneer is sliced from laminated bamboo blocks by using exclusive patent technology and slicing process. This new veneer makes it possible to open a much wider market in the field of interior decoration and furniture. Bamboo veneer is innovation and elegant, it offers unique design concept for the walls, furniture, cabinets, doors and any surface.

 Excellent characteristics: Flexible and strong (Backed with Cellulose fleece)

   1. Bonded with D3 water-resistant PVAc glue, which is good resistance against temperature and humidity

2. High tear resistance combined with high flexibilit

3. No penetration of glue, well bonding to different types of glue: PVAc, hotmelt,contacts

4. Reduce roll up of veneers after pressing

Constant quality and Prompt delivery

Uniform color grading

Uniform thickness and sizing

Precision sanding

Large stock of bamboo veneers

Wide selection of bamboo veneer products

Bamboo veneer overlaid on different carrier panels, like chipboard, MDF, multiplex etc.

Multi-layer bamboo veneer panel, such as 3-layer, 5-layer etc.

Edge banding is available

Max length reach 2520mm; max width 1300mm

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