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Bamboo Flooring Installation Instructions

Bamboo Flooring Installation Instructions
    According to design requirements, choose a suitable type of bamboo flooring in different  thickness, width, colours, patterns.
  1. Under normal conditions, balance the material about 2 days before installation and install it on the clean, smooth and dry basis of wood surface;
  2. Flooring boards can either be nailed or glued onto the sub-flooring. The sub-flooring must be flat clean, dry and sturdy enough to support nails and glue;
  3. Moisture of a soil layer beneath sub-flooring is important factor;
  4. While installing bamboo flooring,
    - you should make a hole beforehand if the nail size is too big because it may crack the tongue,
    - you should nail it at a 45 ĘC 50 degree angle,
    - you should use a oil based glue or a glue with low water content to glue the flooring. If you use high water based glue, it may make the flooring swell because the flooring absorbs the water from the glue;
  5. When choosing the lacquered flooring, determine the suitable level of space between the boards to accommodate local weather conditions. For example, the flooring will need to be installed more loosely to leave room for possible expansion in humid regions;
  6. Regarding unlacquered flooring, first thoroughly clean the surface, tongue and grooves. Apply at least three coats of PU paint with an oily cloth. The thickness and shininess of the lacquer should be determined according to the cost and lacquering effect.
Bamboo Flooring Maintenance
  Just like any other natural wood flooring, bamboo flooring has to be taken care of:
  1. Bamboo flooring should not be soaked with water. If it is exposed to large amounts of
    water, dry it immediately to avoid swelling and open the window to let fresh air in;
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner and a dry mop to clean. Use flooring wax to protect it;
  3. Heavy items such as furniture, piano, etc. must not be dragged across the flooring. Use protective cloth on the standings;
  4. Avoid degrading materials reaching the flooring, like sand and shoe nails;
  5. The bamboo flooring should not be exposed directly to sunlight or some electric heaters.
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